DOWNLOAD|Young Jeezy|Let’s Get It: Thug Motivation 101 (2005)


Thoughts: Originally a part of the group Boyz N da Hood’, Jay Wayne Jenkins or Young Jeezy aka Snowman, the most visible member of the group dropped his first major label solo album that helped southern rap and Atlanta strengthen it’s niche in the rap game. ATL was carried by Outkast and Ludacris throughout the 90′s and early 2000′s and then by T.I., with Jeezy’s TM 101 release he helped carve his name out as one of the premier Atlanta/southern rap artists during the decade.

The length of the album is about seventy five minutes and is saturated with Jeezy’s slow raspy rapping, which is littered with “Yeaaaah” or an “Ayeeee!” and even a “Thaaats Riiight” accompanying his flow. His unique slow rap style combined with instrumentals that are focused on the synths and bass thumps and above average lyricism that focuses mainly on money, drugs, a little about girls and bling,  is what this album is all about. After all, he is the Snowman. Guest appearances include; Mannie Fresh, Jay-Z, Trick Daddy, Young Buck, T.I., Lil Scrappy, Akon, and a few others.

Favorite Tracks: Trap Star, Let’s get it: Thug Movtivation 101, Standing Ovation, Bang, Trap Or Die


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