Do You Remember the Day You Found Out Why You Were Born?

Do you remember the moment you began to understand why you were born? Think back to how the sun felt reflecting off your skin or how shallow your breaths became as you tried to catch your racing thoughts. Did you sit down in order to brace yourself for an unnerving fall, or did you rise to your feet, unable to drown out the energy that was growing from within? Maybe you were fast asleep when the idea sneaked into your subconscious, jolting you awake wondering if the inspiration was all just a dream. Or maybe you were enjoying the last bite of a delicious meal, savoring the taste when your eyes suddenly grew wide with surprise as if you had discovered the meaning to life. Wherever you were, whatever you were doing is of little significance. The most important thing is that you became aware of your purpose. Your journey through this long, meandering path that we call life finally started to make sense.

I remember such a day, such a moment felt golden when the ideas came,

Felt so open, when previously I had felt closed. Now my mind swam into an ocean of possibility,

Fully clothed, I struggled to undress my thoughts.

I was naked with ambition, longing for approval, but I wore my soul on my sleeve, such colorful passion, as if it were the latest fashion, unwilling to change my attire, hope was the belt that I fastened.

The life that I imagined, once seemed stagnant, stuck in my memory, lacking an outlet, I was saddled with magic, such vision, riddled with old habits, new baggage helped unload the pressure, success became something I could manage.

Where do you turn when you arrive at what you know to be right? When the past has left, and all you have left is forward progression, do you turn right into the heart of your ambition? Or do you avoid the confrontation between your dreams and your reality?

The fork in the road, but the successful person decided to drive straight. What courage can you conjure when you take control of your own fate?

Life’s greatest mistake…has always been putting off your dreams to a later date. I once read, “Someday is not on the calendar” so why do we circle the idea in our minds, and question why we have failed to succeed when each new goal is declined? We talk to ourselves, thousands of conversations each day. Some discussions are fruitful, others cause our confidence to decay. Think about what you say, when the small voice within asks how was your day…are you kind to the person you’re becoming, while forgiving the person that you once were? Be gentle with judgment, be slow to be so sure. How can life be such a mystery when you’re in control of everything that occurs?

OK, maybe that statement’s not entirely true…but isn’t it true, that you determine how every single one of life’s events affects you? Are you not the master of your soul, the captain of your fate? The greatest that ever was when you’re in the right mind state? So why does that have to change? We’re so busy trying to earn a living, when we should enjoy the blessings we experience every day.

I can’t remember when I knew and understood the reason for my birth. I don’t know why life has unfolded the way it has…majestic and timely, like a butterfly floating with the wind only moments after transforming from a cocoon. Perched atop a branch, overlooking the green grass where it once crawled as a vulnerable caterpillar…the butterfly trusted in its nature in order to grow into what it was destined to become. Was there fear? Was there worry? Was there uncertainty…during those moments that it looked up to the sky, fearing the shadow of a predator swooping down for a delicious snack? No. Was there panic when the rain washed it back down to the ground, hours after it had started its journey up the tree? No!

The caterpillar, the cocoon, the butterfly. The body, the mind, the soul.

Don’t grow impatient with life. Don’t mistrust your nature. In life, we are all becoming. We are all transforming. Think back to when you realized why you were born. Now think about a caterpillar, looking up at the heavens wondering why it must crawl, when it was made to fly. There’s a lesson learned on the ground, which becomes useful in the sky.

Crawl today, walk tomorrow, run soon enough so you can fly forever.

Don’t lose sight of the importance of each part of the journey.

Gentle being, hardened by experience. Engaging soul, disconnected by appearance.

We care about our clothes more than the person underneath, and then we question our grief?

The person who seeks to understand, is happier than the person who understands but never seeks.

I can’t promise success, but success is promised to those that believe.

Have you ever bit more with your teeth, than you fit in your mouth? Then you understand greed.

Can you understand why people destroy our forests without thinking to plant more seeds?

Imagine a world where giving to others was the highest form of success one could achieve.

The worthy aren’t chosen, they choose what is worth suffering for.

I suffered for truth, I will suffer some more. But watch how I will crawl to salvation, because I’m a butterfly at my core.

Notice your thoughts, they come and go…leave for a minute, then rush back all at once. Don’t be overwhelmed, just learn how to discern who you are from what you think. You are not your thoughts. It took me too long to understand that concept.

Are we our tastes? Are we our feelings? Are we our words? A philosophizer might answer yes, these things added together surely make up who we are. But that’s a superficial way of thinking about it. A cake is not sugar, it is not flour, it is not oil, and it is not the heat used to bake it. A cake is a delicious morsel that we consume to make our taste buds dance. A cake is a joyful treat that we treat ourselves to on special occasions. A cake is more than its ingredients, and we are more than our thoughts. Be aware of your thoughts, as you would be aware of how much sugar you are mixing into the batter. Too much sugar ruins the cake, too much thinking paralyzes the human being. Think freely, think positively, but understand that your thoughts only become real when you start to act on them.

I used to think, and I thought that was enough.

Now I know better, and that’s by not thinking too much.

When I grow up, I remember telling myself.

I think I will be rich, so let my thoughts be only of money and wealth.  

But as I got older, I met those so poor that all they had was money

No family or friends, no hopes or dreams, they were essentially money hungry machines,

Devoid of love, empty of true purpose,

So I ask you again, when did you discover what your reason for being on this earth is?

If you don’t know yet…no worries. There is always time. Do I know? I’d be lying if I said I do. But I know one thing to be true. Making people happy, spreading positivity, and helping those in need makes me come alive. Find what brings you to life. Pursue it with reckless abandon. Don’t wait for a good time to start. Don’t wait to get more free time. Don’t wait to earn more money. The world needs more people who are alive.

We are all on the same journey, traveling down different paths. We all want help, we all want to help. Do your part and watch how blessings begin to rain down on your life. Don’t be scared of your potential to be great. Embrace your fear and tackle it head on. That’s why you’re here.

Be great, be yourself and most importantly, always remember the day you found out why you were born. Because in all honesty, it’s the most important day of your life.



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