Boyfriend Gift Guide

Guys are hard to shop for — if they want something, they usually just get it themselves. We racked our collective brains and scoured the web for gifts, and we came up with a slew of gift ideas for many budgets and many kinds of guys. Have a look at the gallery above and let us know in the comments section what else you think would be a good boyfriend gift.

Boyfriend Gift Guide

For the guy who doesn’t travel lightly…

ONA’s Brixton Camera and Laptop Messenger Bag is a great and stylish way to tote your electronics around town. The bag is made of waxed canvas, making it super durable and water resistant, and it’s designed to let you carry a DSLR, two to three lenses and up to a 13-inch laptop, with an outside pocket for a Moleskine or tablet and extra space for personal items — but the interior is super customizable to fit any guy’s gadgets.



For the guy who can’t wear off-the-rack clothes…

Looking for something that really fits your dude? ShirtsMyWay is a website that lets guys order custom dress shirts, with colors and measurements that suit him perfectly.

$75 and up


For the guy who has The Force with him…

Star Wars nerds will love this R2-D2 Lego collector’s item.



For the guy who’s looking to get fit…

Whether your guy is a runner, basketball player or just your average gym rat, he’ll love the Nike+ FuelBand. The device uses a sports-tested accelerometer to track every calorie burned and every step taken throughout the day. The user can set goals for each day, and the FuelBand will light up from red to green as it tracks progress throughout the day. With social integrations, your dude can brag aout his fitness on Facebook or Twitter.



For the guy who likes the outdoors…

Sure, anyone can get around with GPS and the ability to Google any necessary survival skills. But if you have no phone or functioning gadgets, what are you going to do? Make sure your man is as prepared as a Boy Scout with the Elite Wilderness Survival School, where you’ll learn how to build a shelter, start a fire and hunt. Hosted by a decorated sniper, the survival course is located near Ithaca, New York.

Check site for reservations.


For the guy whose phone, tablet and camera always die…

With so many devices, it can be hard to remember to charge. And even if you leave home with a full-charge, you might need a midday pick-me-up to get your gadgets back to 100%. This solar charger is a great way to charge up your phone, camera, tablet and more. It’s a great investment for long, outdoor events, like football games, that lend themselves to the battery-draining activities of tweeting and Instagramming.



For the guy who likes to work out…

Yurbuds are designed specifically for athletes use TwistLock technology for a secure fit so the buds won’t fall out.



For the guy who likes to SCUBA…

Instead of hearing about all the fish and sharks your guy saw while SCUBA diving, let him show you. SeaLife‘s underwater cameras shoot sharp pics — and the camera floats, which is a nice little bonus.

The $500 DC1400 is 14 MP and shoots HD video, but SeaLife has a range of less expensive cameras, too.


For the guy who’s first to know the next big thing…

It’s hard to stay on top of new music, but Spotify will be your man’s right-hand music man, especially thanks to its new Discover feature. Get your guy a gift card for one, three, six or 12 months of Spotify Premium. Who knows, he might even make a playlist for you.


For the guy who lets nothing get in the way of emails and texts…

Brr, it’s cold out there. But a little winter chill shouldn’t prevent your guy from being productive. These Hi-Call gloves will keep your man’s hands warm, yet also let him text you sweet nothings and Instagram your snow angels.

49.99 GBP


For the guy who abuses the snooze button…

No one likes mornings, especially in the winter, when your bed is just so much warmer than the outside world. But your guy has to get up and get going, so he needs an alarm clock that means business. The Clocky Rolling Clock allows for a small snooze before jumping, running and hiding while blaring the alarm.



For the sci-fi movie buff…

Get him Bluray flicks he’ll watch again and again: Battlestar Galactica (with a collectible cylon!) for $169.80, Lord of the Rings for $73.35 and the original Star Wars for $36.49.


For the guy who digs space…

Take him to space! With Richard Branson! Virgin Galactic offers trips to infinity and beyond, and we think this would be an out-of-this-world gift…granted you’d need a pretty astronomical budget to make it happen.

$200k, but we imagine he’d say it’s worth every penny.


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