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Welcome to the Positive Press Family 

This page will help explain who we are — what we stand for and  what exactly we ALL do at PPA.

About PPA: PPA is a new start up Media Agency founded in Nairobi by Charles Gichane.

Most news consumed in the world today is often negative or slanted to push for tragedy in order to create an emotional bond with viewers — but we at PPA feel this model is flawed and designed to keep people in fear.

Tragic stories that involve murder, corruption, rape and crime often dominate headlines in the local Dailies, creating an environment that is susceptible to violence because our media platforms have made TRAGEDY the norm — all in the name of profit.

At PPA we will strive to look at news from a positive angle and perspective — so instead of publishing a tragic story following a terrorist attack, we will look to tell the story of the HEROIC young boy who risked his life in order to rush his youngest sister to the nearest hospital. Instead of starting the story with the tragic angle, we would begin to tell the story of how a young boy saved his sisters life — before telling the reader the full scope of the story (hypothetical).

This model of telling the news would be a complete paradigm shift and an obvious optimistic and perhaps naive attempt at shaping the narrative so that it reflects a positive society…but we believe this is not only possible, but it will be adopted very quickly by other media houses.

For PPA — this added competition is a blessing in disguise because we hope to push other media houses – with greater numbers in terms of viewership and readership — to start telling the news using the positive paradigm that PPA intends to make the NORM.

At the moment, we are popular among the youth, as well as the middle class working population around the country who are savvy on social media or regularly receive their news off the web.

We have a team of about 10 young men and women from all over the world who are passionate about promoting peace and positivity.

We also have a team of about 10 contributors from all over the world who will be sharing our content with their networks to help balance out the news that the international community is getting from CNN, Reuters, AP and BBC.

We appreciate any content from your organization that promotes Positive News so that we can share it on our site.

Thank you for your continued support,

Charles Gichane

PPA Founder and Executive Chairman


If you’d like to be part of the family, please email positivepressagency@gmail.com with your CV and how you think you can contribute to PPA.


3 thoughts on “About Us”

  1. There was a poem shared with me from my husband. It was called, Poem: Parts of Pure Peace. It isn’t confirmed yet but he may have died in a car crash overseas Saturday. I found this poem in an email he sent me. It made so much sense, it explained us perfectly! Could you tell me who wrote it? Was it him? Please.

  2. I want to be apart of this organization. I want to make a change in today’s society, hopefully this program can shift me in the right direction. Im not sure what i can offer as of now because im still in school. Maybe you can give some advice.

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