Thought of the Day: Go the EXTRA MILE|Be Legendary

Thought of the Day: Go the EXTRA MILE|Be Legendary

It’s important to work hard and to give your best in every single thing you do…but why stop there? Why not go the extra mile, put the cherry on top of your hard work and outshine your competitors by doing what they wont do. It doesn’t take much to be average. It takes just a little more effort to be good; but why not push past your own limits and go for great?

Michael Jordan could have settled for 3 rings and a “good” career after he retired from the NBA in 1993 following the sudden death of his father, but he opted to return 2 years later to win 3 more in order to be considered the GREATEST basketball player of all time. Not only did he become great, but in my eyes, he immortalized himself as an icon of history; not just basketball, sports, or our generation…but of HISTORY, because he decided to return after his second retirement at the ripe age of 38 to try and push the organization he owned (Washington Wizards) into the playoffs with a horrible roster. Although he had taken time off and lost his physical and competitive edge, he returned and led the team in scoring and even made the All-Star game. He hit a few game winners too just to cement his legacy as one of the greatest competitors ever.

Sure, his team failed horribly and some called his comeback a failure…but to me, Michael Jordan pushed himself past his limit. His legacy was good when he first retired; it was great after his second retirement, but it became legendary when he decided to attempt a third comeback on a team which realistically had no shot at the playoffs. Today, Michael Jordan is synonymous with clutch; he’s a winner; a champion and an ambassador for what it means to be a leader.

Take your own life and make it legendary. Write a few extra pages in your report to surprise your teacher. Stay an extra hour or go in early for work and show your boss that you care about your job. Spend a whole day, each and every week during the year with your kids and check, and DOUBLE check their homework to ensure that they are at the top of their studies. Do whatever it takes to go the extra mile. Sometimes that’s all it takes for someone to notice and that person maybe able to change your life forever.

It’s been said that perseverance is the hard work that you do after you get tired of finishing the hard work you’ve already done. Pick up the pace, it’s never too late to become great.

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