35+ Funniest Pictures and Memes of Barack Obama

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Obama on Gay Marriage


How News Works

 Neocon TearsDamn I'm Smooth Ugly BabiesObama and Hillary in Oval OfficeHillary Kisses ObamaJuggling Inaugural BallsObamoliniObama Turkey Pardon The RookieObama and Easter BunnyWhere's Kanye When You Need Him?Obama and KaganShow A Little Class Say ItI Think I'll Wait for the MoviesWas Obama Checking Out This Girl's Butt?Osama's Death Certificate Dear RepublicansSuper Excited Man Meets ObamaZombie McCain and ObamaObama's Secret Message For FOXObama's Bumper Car Obama Dancing46-Year-Old Political Virgin No Touching!Obama Kenya Birthplace SignRepublicans Turned Off By Size of Obama's PackageShort Version of Obama's SpeechObama, Not Osama!

Obama's Trump Card

About That Birth Certificate...

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