Model Profile: Michelle Kadenyi Kajumbi

Name: Michelle Kadenyi Kajumbi
Born: 27 feb
Birthplace: Eldoret-Kenyal
Best known as: Noisy happy jumpy Michelle
Michele Kajumbi is a Plus size model, blogger and stylist who started modelling last year in Nairobi-Kenya.

She is a plus size model on the rise and has currently done only one commercial shoot for Makdwallo Sisters Gallery (M.S.G ).

She is better known as Michelle  — a sister to many, serious student at USIU doing International Business Administration and the Kadenyi “chick” —  in her and her sisters blog “Kadenyi and Yimbiha”.

other than that, Michelle loves swimming, reading novels and styling people.

Extra credit: Michelle is 5’6 tall and plus size

I model because I love photography
I am that gal who — when holding a camera, takes endless pics because I think memories should be stored forever and what other way is there to do that than by taking pictures?
My friends always used to insist that I should be on the other side of the photo and since trying it, I have loved it.
I do it because I love the whole process of photography — the angles, the lighting and make up.
It also helps when styling cause one gets different ideas from other stylists that help better myself.
In the future —
I would love to start a modeling agency that follows the correct protocol for promoting and representing aspiring models.
I would also love to take lessons on photography to really improve my skills, but I also really want to open many businesses.
I have millions of ideas in my head and I have not really settled on which one to do, but as I get to learn more in school, I will come to a conclusion.

@CharlesGichanePPA  (@PositivePress_) 


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