Collection of Poetry

This Humble Estate

the best thing about written thought
it flows, not as a river, but an ocean
a strong wave of emotion
erupts like volcano’s exploding

he sits and thinks, gives a call to his thoughts
ponders for hours, about a world so lost
a cesspool of hurtful commotion
instead of evolve, the human being has veered into erosion

because few realize their power
some deny its truth
i can try n spell out,
but some remain confused
she can feel it, yet she refuses
he takes it lightly, a funny amusement

the vehicle gets cleaned, polished like Newhouse students
but its only a car, YOU’RE controlling the movements

stop existing in the material, listen to that inner spirit
fear ceases to exist when YOU don’t fear it

life’s my playground, let me whisper to ya a secret
that feelin of perfection? i’m gravitating myself near it

god is within, not without
listen, and lose that slight doubt
i see so much good
i can measure my energy per positive oz

my description of a Friday afternoon blunt
crack the dutch, start licking after spilling its guts
break up the trees, and start passing it around the room
lettin O’s escape as i whistle a tune
my heart beating to thunderous booms
the mind resting, observing the surroundings
appreciating the nature, living dumfounded

at gods perfection, this humble estate
a mansion of 6 billion souls
now doesn’t that sound great?
beaches instead of pools
love instead of war,
a world where there’s no brick walls
only open doors
fresh and happy smiles
realize the power of a higher lord
burned through the outer layers
until we reach the African core
this is our destiny
this is what we’re here for

i’m still riddled with confusion
because some question my motives
is this all a phase
or is this man driven by emotion

this black massareti
or am i mercedez,
better yet an all white ferrari
–or whatever i choose to see
my heart is how my conscious is carried
my spirit is in my mind, that way my ego is buried

ego makes great men waver, its power is scary
but remain one with your friends, practice the art of caring

and love those strangers, you walk past on the street
look up and return my eyes so our souls can meet
my smile is genuine, i’m not just staring you down
i didn’t know friendship only starts when we’re from the same town
i’ve been to a total of 15 schools, yea you do the math
its been a long journey, but time resets with each genuine laugh

ya diiiiiiiig

I hope your SMILING, cause I’m grinning ! Darker surfaces burn faster and remain alot hotter then lighter surfaces.

*jay-z voice* what you wannnnt me to dooo..!? i’m sorrrrrrrrrrrrrrry.

 A Beautiful Mind

In a quarter life crisis in search of what the meaning of life is,

My past right under my eye lids, I see my future without a psychic,

With one eye open looking for treasure like a pirate,

I sit still and write words trying to articulate my mind state

I’ve made mistakes, momma knows I’m not perfect but who is?

One part foolish, other half student;

Always in search of answers to questions others find useless

Curiosity as my Achilles, but ironically it doesn’t hinder my movement

Lost friendships in my past that my future won’t miss,

Made a difference in the present, now that’s the gift a true friend gives,

Can’t help my regrets by keeping them alive,

Bury them by my sins, beneath the fears I’ve helped die

Lost my mind – twice hospitalized as my self esteem committed suicide,

Sense of being lost; imagine the holocaust in your heart ripping you apart,

Piece by piece – side by side,

My anger wouldn’t rest in peace, resulting in the birth of my pride

Institutionalized and indoctrinated with conditions that left me paralyzed

Foolish ambitions demonized as materials presented became humanized,

I went in reading Malcolm and Siddhartha Gautama, now television was idolized,

Victimized by a victimless crime,

But watch how I humanize these words so you can begin to visualize,

Real eyes, realize, real lies

And real truth reveals the only truth love will recognize,

My ambition; which is to share the design of this beautiful mind

5 Minutes

i’m comfortable

..very comfortable

he’s back. vacation over, the words escaped..return with haste now prepare for great.

it’s a miracle, the aura of comfort i posses. not worried, not hurried. in a spot above the rest.

can’t feel lost, i’ve been found. recovered, fumbled, juggled around. my heart damaged, repaired..strengthened.

wiser in my attempts. in luck, in shock, in heaven since i’m blessed. floating through condensation, drops of rain

baptizing the concrete. what a mess. can’t help but suspect. can’t help but feel stress. hard to reach. hard to get.

hard to leave. hard to forget. its hard to be him. in case they missed it, i’m about my business.

procrastinated, but the pace has quickened. the goal i envisioned. to be on top with my henchmen.

flirting with mary jane, sharing our lessons. hustle with beer pong. aachyeea is mentioned. i’ve got your attention.

explained my intentions. gave you my five minutes. u felt but five seconds. gave her 10 minutes. thought about me for only 10 seconds.

hoping i was someone she’d miss. someone she’d kiss. be his, tell her excuse me miss…

i blew out my candles, finally got my wish. how cute, escapes from her lips.

when the eyes meet. the hearts greet, dance in a twist, its that gentle love kiss. that one moment, insecurities opened .feels like forever..time has frozen.

time isn’t slowed, runs a strict schedule. but it takes its time when the moment is special.

figure me out, try and you’ll fail. i handle each move, create turns sharp as a nail. hammered in rage, enclosed in this cage.

this town, small city. little change. bad weather, no drinks. frozen in place, i cant wink. i can’t win, cant see, cant breath, i cant swim.

weight room can’t help that my window is thin. not small, but it’s not big. adjust my cap, the crown prince.

Prince of All I Survey

I learned it from my grandfather – he uttered it to me once
‘Grow to be a king’s son, and
Rule with unconditional love’

I’m no color, require no label
Prince of all I survey, require no fables
Life is my kingdom,
Ferrari horses in my stable
Oceans as my pool
Earth is my dining table

The crown is my mind,
Adorned with diamonds of intellect
My heart is my queen
Reminds me to love, care, and protect
And my friends are my family
We’re all part of royalty
All soldiers in assembly
Armed with respect, love and loyalty

I don’t try to be, I am-
– A new seed, cultivated in rich land
I’m not myself, senses create that visual
Nor you yourself, exist beyond the physical

Ageless, with no features
Frozen energy, vibrates within this creature
Life becomes simple,
Once you listen to teachers
Great beings of the past –
– Who created this future.

They perfected their present
Left their memories as our lessons
Now I travel along the same paths
Reinterpreting the same exact message.

Eye Wide Shut

The setting resembles a jungle,
The floor littered with garbage,
Knowledge delivered so subtle,
The secrets of merciless carnage
Where the ignorant remain the target
Hollywood has us riding magic carpets

Actors prophesizing the legends
Disguised as entertainment,
-exposing a cryptic message
Cause every kingdom needs peasants
Like how hell needs heaven
Like how Bush needs atomic weapons
Or how some people won’t progress to the present
Barred from escaping their past
Karma teaches life’s greatest lesson

-To have is to hold, but to hold is to waste
-To share what you’ve held, helps build your characters base
-To love is to strike gold, but striking gold is just a taste
-To quit is to fail, but to never win is just fate
-To question is quite bold, to forever wonder is a mistake
-To shake hands is too cold, to hug is how I embrace

They got our computers wired, can’t trust half my e-mails
Our phones are tapped, so I stopped talking to females

It’s hard to act natural when you’re under the eye of evil
Society shall not be ruled by a few elite, it belongs to the people!
Well if knowledge is power, then its absence is lethal
Blinded and guided through fear, Hollywood pumps out SAW sequels
The news reconstructs are ideas, ignoring that lying is illegal

Headlines read – ‘Coverage of plummeting stocks’
The nation becomes a crayola box

Media alerts— red, yellow, and green
Flags fuel the patriotism— red white and blue
But these psychological schemes –
–Leave many confused
Can’t decide for themselves,
They turn on the 6 o’clock news

Nobody’s normal, so stop the self abuse
We’re aliens, look at the bible for proof
–Hybrid creatures with minds destined to spell our doom

We’re God’s angels, tempted to eat the Lord’s fruit
Or are we cold blooded reptiles, the cobras being seduced by the flute?


School Stress – Why I Hate School But Love Education

how do you create a zombie?

you take a student

sprinkle some stress

give them no freedoms

respect them even less

have high expectations

as you breed them for success

control their lives

each and every step

slowly they regress

they’ll walk in a trance

puppets on a string

and the strings are in your hands

the schools are a jail
ruled by tyrants
ran by goons
zombies roaming inside it

bell every 43 minutes
the clanging of lockers
the shuffle of feet
as zombies yell out and holler

classes are boring
it feels like a “low” school
these zombies exist
everybody is a “high” fool

there are fights in the yard
clothes suffocate girls bodies
tight and revealing
while guys dress filthy and sloppy

it’s strict and demeaning
the schedule presented
coaches yelling and screaming
sports control after school sessions

so that’s already 11 hours
spent in the system
after it’s dance, scouts, or work
some go to church school if christian

finally at home
these kids get to relax
Oh hell noooooo
its homework for English and Math

then it’s Spanish and physics
then scholarship papers
then college applications
chores have to wait for later

how about friends?
or enjoying some music?
maybe some TV?
to help them not lose it

a magazine?
maybe a nap?
or crack open a comic?
to heartingly laugh

but time is not to be wasted
like diamonds it’s precious
not hours or minutes
students today treasure the seconds

and tomorrow?
it’s the same cycle again
the alarm clock screaming
remind you it’ll never end

so lay off the zombies
they’re working harder then ever
let them party on the weekends
to relieve some of these pressures

so how do you create a zombie?

say no when you mean yes

here are the ingredients

create an environment

where everything is serious

where their opinions are inferior

slowly they’ll grow furious

make them unsure of their future

by manipulating their interior

it’s not hard, they do it all the time

remind us we’re only children, we’ve got to wait in line

but in one year, it’ll finally be our time

so why not taste the freedoms of college
while we’re still waiting in line

we’re tired of being overworked

tired of being donkeys

you wanted the ingredients

now you know how to create a zombie.

The Meaning of Life

In a dream he saw the meaning of life,

Woke up and realized the darkness still penetrated his eyes

Adjusted his thoughts as the fear turned into pride

And asked God for a sign that this dream was really divine

Outside, the rain beat up the windows as lightning pierced through a cloud

Wondering aloud he asked “how far must the air rise, before the rain comes down?”

Who was he asking? His words seemed empty although profound

He escaped for a minute as thunder shook his perspective around

“Maybe I’m just crazy,” he whispered, scared that someone would hear and agree

He could see the moon despite the storm and was that an owl perched atop a tree?

He squinted to a degree but couldn’t see despite his best efforts

“Must be my imagination getting the best of me in this bad weather”

When the silence finally set in, he tried to recall the meaning of life better

“A dream is a reflection of life – except dreams are lucid and changing forever”

But such is life, though we think it remains static and unchanging,

Look at a husband and wife who are like addicts grasping the only drug remaining

LOVE: the only addiction without side effects and there’s no debating,

That to be in love – is to be involved in constant ways of creating

We live for the future measuring our present with what we already accomplished

Never savoring the moment so our ideas begin to bring no solutions to our problems

The solution is to take a brush and trace the outline of your life as if an artist

Then fill in the picture with colors that represent the soul in which the universe harvests

Before long, new life will come from the seeds planted in your garden

But you must water that life and bask it with sunlight before the day succumbs to darkness

Poem: Parts of Pure Peace

Unable to quell these bursts of emotion, I spell my pain in words meant to create a moment

But moments are fleeting, or so I’m learning after uprooting my life when happiness became hopeless,

Now hopeless dreams fill a diary she reads by looking at my facial expressions,

Wireless connection trouble means Skype won’t be able to deliver my intentions,

Hopeless romantic sinking deeper than the titanic cause we’re separated by the Atlantic,

Problems seem gigantic because loneliness magnifies calm to drastic, how fantastic –

That love is my passion, yet I can’t display my talents cause we’re divided like a fraction

Prayer requires action, so I’m acting on my thoughts, writing them down as I use the law of attraction

Can’t imagine a moment apart, only picture a part of her, which is her heart

Can’t remember the details, but her love is the spark, that lights the dark,

Those moments of struggle, sweat soaked sheets from nightmares and she’s not there to hug you,

It’s like your own reflection punched you, you’re hopes hanging above you waiting to crush you,

Cause distance has doubled the rate of how much I love you,

I don’t need love, I need YOUR love and I hope this honesty will blush you,

Please trust me, it’s the only way I can trust you,

Still remember how your hair smelled the last time I hugged you,

Now I can only hold back tears, hoping that the heart is really the strongest muscle

Cause right now it’s taking a beating as my emotions war in a royal rumble

Never knew love could hurt until I woke up and wished I could go back to dreaming about her

Never occurred that consuming myself in work, wouldn’t work

Pictures serve as reminders; tattoo my walls with dreams of us in all white, in a church

Picture perfect, painting portraits portraying parts of pure peace,

Please pray poetry provides a point in the plot where we’re together again in one piece

I love you

Poem: Inspire

In search of inspiration, my imagination finds solace by studying quotations from past generations,

Men and women who sought explanations to questions that still hold great implications

To learn doesn’t require an education,

Just the awareness that life is a journey, not a destination

A curiosity that seeks elaboration for every new equation,

And a mind that always rises in elevation

To question an answer is key to answering the question,

Everyone has an answer, but few understand the message

Most people can learn, but how many can teach a lesson?

Failure is proposing for marriage, when you can’t afford a wedding

Ain’t no telling, just a lot of asking

Life is so compelling when you question what’s lacking,

Is the glass half full, or is it that water and air are attracting?

Am I, making an impact with these words?

Or are the WORDS, doing the impacting?

I consider myself a student of Hip-Hop; but they just see a rapper,

Just like when they support politicians, I feel they’re really endorsing actors

Exposing their ignorance, concerning themselves with issues that don’t matter

Seeing the glass half empty, with the air pressure causing it to shatter

Can’t say I’m perfect, I’m just great at marrying words in these verses

Not a young pastor, but a scholar would say that to unite love is my purpose

Young wordsmith,

Bend your mind in a rhyme Kama-sutra ‘til your respect has to surface –

– Followed by adoration and a circus of emotions once you realize that you’re learning

Soul Focus

Up late checking updates, as I upgrade my mind state, like primates

The flow hydrates as sobriety migrates for lightweights who are higher than crime rates

As eyes dilate, knees buckling, sweating like it’s a blind date

Can’t fly straight so they ride waves, crowd surfing in the drive way


Can’t imagine the future until you accept the past,

Reject the rumor that life is sand in a glass,

It can’t run out, God turns it upside down so you start with the last

Begin with the past and start yearning for the future you already had


I was never good at math,

But I was always able to divide a hug and a laugh

Give a friend my smile and lend them my life map

So they can start to path their own graph,

Set ablaze their own tracks


I’m alive to say that blessings disguised as blind fate,

Is the reason I decline hate

In a rat race only moving sideways,

Looking behind just to see what’s taken place


Can’t see a future because your present hasn’t taken shape

Can’t feel your face,

You don’t know you’re smiling when your heart breaks

Crying when the Doctor says that your new born twins are doing great

Screaming as a proud father of a teenage daughter who just started to date

Laughing like a mad man as an 80 year old grand dad whose mind’s erased


Life is just irony, ambiguous anomalies allow us to recreate

But when our shell remains our soul just regenerates


I was born an African, but I enjoy being human

With the heart of an Elephant, and the history of a museum

Some people love winning, but not half as much as I hate losing

Some wisdom comes from the teacher, but true knowledge comes from a student


& the BEAT goes on

& I believe in dreams, broken into scenes, fragmented from everything I’ve seen

& this belief lifts me to succeed, high like a caged bird who has just been freed

& the cage that represents defeat unlocks without a key

& my growth is serene like the roots in my family tree where I am the seed

& I’ve achieved beyond where I previously perceived I could reach

& by learning to release my past feats, I’ve gained the uncanny ability to lead

& I read that success is a retreat that requires steps forward, so I tripped on my feet

& when I fell, I made a splash as if I had dove in a stream

& my pride was the current,

& I drowned in self-esteem

& I struggled to find relief until I learned that falling in love is not as scary as it seems

& when fear came knocking, I let my faith open the door

& she answered without talking, “He doesn’t live here anymore”

& I remember when I was crawling, scraping my knees against the floor

& bleeding from the pain, which felt like steam evaporating out of my pores

& now I stood, confident that I was sprinting towards whatever God had in store

& now I looked for love often thinking how my heart had become the center to my core

& things started to look up when I refused to look down

& heavy became my head once a Halo became my crown

& I accepted my responsibilities the only way I know how

& that’s by exuding positive energy to everyone I’m around

& life teaches a lesson that most people aren’t prepared to learn

& I accepted that fact when the teacher said it was my turn

& I had studied when others failed to stop going in reverse

& now I’m a humble example of how life gives you what you deserve


A Poet’s Perspective

would you think it a relief if you lost the ability to see
– all the grief on the streets due to a difference in belief?

would you be happy to reveal that you could no longer feel
– the cold chills that become real after missing another meal?

to struggle is a given, how you react makes the difference
approach life like a business you want to leave your children

the body is a temple, your breath is it’s spirit
fear is all mental, you manifest it’s appearance

eyes are the windows but the heart is the entrance
words are the symbols that lead you in the right direction

my heart can’t endure another tour through manure
i avoid whats obscure until i’m sure that her love’s pure

she’s a risk taker, but won’t risk being idle
a play maker who won’t settle on a title

there are few concerns as space and time converge
her curves tell me which direction to turn

wake up motivated to live out the dreams you created
keep one eye open because sleep and death are related

believe that nothing can impede what is yours to achieve
success is a disease that infects those destined to succeed

my aim? to aim less
my hope? to learn more
-hate less, love more
be famous for seeking fame less
be gracious, assert blame less
make money by being a safe bet
cashing it today, forget a rain check


Circle of L-i-f-e

Reading a story is like re-writing it for yourself. You bring to a novel, anything you read, all your experience of the world. You bring your history and you read it in your own terms

if life gives you lemons, squeeze them into lemonade
use the leftovers and serve it with a dinner steak
cook and let marinate, and eat it on your finest plate
add some dessert and enjoy it with some birthday cake

if life gives you a push, don’t hesitate to regulate
or, it’ll beat you to the ground until you can’t elevate

if life is electricity, you’re the one who generates
be a spark of simplicity and see how you resonate

if life gives you pressure, turn it into diamonds
give your best effort and never stop grinding

if life is a test, then believe you’re going to pass it
play it by the numbers, it’s simple mathematics

if life is a challenge that you feel you can’t manage
don’t go and panic use this to your advantage

if life is like a mystery, read today like a novel
flip it to the last page, and start writing tomorrow

if life were to end, would you ask God to extend..
..your life among men or would it all just depend?

we all will ascend, so make your amends
feel my beat on the paper, my heart is a pen


A Patient Without Patience

I lack patience, probably because I’m a patient, an inpatient suffering from impatience

They offer medication when I require meditation; the drugs cause elevation but do little penetration
My fascination desires elaboration
They ask questions – I answer as if it were interrogation,
I’m not on probation but I’m to follow regulations

Drug companies create simulations and show us demonstrations to prove that their products are safe in any situation
So I ask for stipulations of when I can escape the drugs stimulation and to my humiliation they all laugh in jubilation

Am I to suffer mutilation or is the illusion of their amusement part of my indignation?
I’m swallowing persecution each time a pill defeats my litigation –

My knowledge constipated –
I’m irate and agitated as a robot is emulated,

It’s estimated that millions are castrated –
Implanted with diseases that are Wall St. regulated – think moneys not contemplated?
You’d have to be crazy or uneducated…

It’s reiterated with each new disease created to control places which are densely populated –
Vast enough to not get investigated…
We’re not sacred enough to avoid being decimated

I’m infuriated and pray my disease is not imitated onto my son or daughter’s genetic matrix

I’m self-educated but I wish my mind was amputated,
Or this curse didn’t resemble unification between me and creation –

Maybe I’m a patient because I lack patience. Impatient with medication that doesn’t guarantee that my children won’t be patients.


Me and the RZA connect…

“We do not believe in ourselves until someone reveals that deep inside us something is valuable, worth listening to, worthy of our trust, sacred to our touch. Once we believe in ourselves we can risk curiosity, wonder, spontaneous delight or any experience that reveals the human spirit.” – E.E. Cummings

Everyone believes in something, but do we believe in ourselves?

I once heard a story so touching that I found relief in humbling myself

A young girl seemed lost, distrusting everyone around her who offered help

Her fear was the cause, adjusting to genuine kindness was an art in itself

She was proud and independent, but she hid scars linked to her past

She’d go and speak to the reverend but he’d park his hand on her ass

See, she was an attractive woman and this drove men wild in a flash

And women would see her as competition, so she wouldn’t bother to ask

Sometimes she’d pray for the answers to why life treated her so bad

“God why must I be the person you’ve chosen to walk through life so sad”

She’d seldom get a reply, and this would make her so mad

That she’d focus on what she lacked instead of the little she had

With time her heart grew cold and distant, and her eyes reflected a soulless being

She’d get bold in one instant, before regressing to tears until she was barely seeing

We met one cold afternoon after I bumped her in a store she was leaving

I helped her pick up her bags and understood her pain even without speaking

I saw a person seeking a way out of a body that only functioned through breathing

No passion, no happiness, no love or faith – just a body that seemed to be pleading

I asked for her name, but she already knew the game

“You want my number too? Please let me by, you’re so lame”

I should have been hurt by her remarks, but I stood firm and remained

Sure she was attractive, but beauty is more than just a pretty frame

“My name is…” I began, but she cut me off and headed for the door

I blocked her path and again asked her to remain in the store

“What for?” she finally replied after taking her eyes off the floor

I said, “I’d like to have a conversation with you and nothing more”

She looked surprised as if this was her first time hearing such an offer

“You just want to talk?” she asked, and I smiled like a proud dad with his daughter

We sat in a booth by a window and sipped on hot cocoa as she spoke of her father

He was a monster – and her mother drank whisky more than she did water

I listened to her story for hours and she seemed to gain confidence with each new chapter

We spoke of her schooling, being kicked out for wearing makeup and this brought on laughter

I sensed her identity taking shape as the snow fall started to come down faster

The night was approaching but her light glowed like she’d been blessed by a pastor

I finally paid for our drinks and gave her my number to call me when she needed

“I’m always around the neighborhood,” I told her “but I frequent this shop on the weekends”

“Thank you for the conversation” she said as we stood up from where we were seated

“I don’t know how you did it, but you’ve made me realize that I’m a person to believe in”



Sitting in front of this blank screen, typing down words translated from past dreams

Past thoughts transformed into present scenes, I press play and to vent becomes the main theme

Vision is not seen, rather it’s believed once loss of all fear is achieved

But to lose fear requires one to gain self-esteem, seldom reached by those who struggle to receive

It’s great to give, but always strive to take the gifts God sends to you in order to be freed

Moments become memories, but the present is a present wrapped in great deeds

The past is great to visit, but to live there forces people to plant seeds,

That will never grow because as we all know – you can’t harvest old fields to create new trees

I vent in hope that my mind feeds on new ways to become clean

My heart becomes pure, my soul becomes healed as my pride flees in search of what it means to be me

And what it means to become you, so that it makes sense when individuals become we

Each person is connected to the higher power which allows us to be

So as you are, I am, and from where you sit, I stand

Like bright stars, we shine, because my light is yours, and your darkness is mine

In order for me to have a message, someone else must listen,

In search of acceptance, we all ask each other for permission

To travel, you need a destination

To be grounded we must seek higher elevations

To be in love requires your partners consent

To stay in love requires a connection that’s heaven sent

God bless,thank you for allowing me to vent


Ambitions of a Writer

Ink on paper is as beautiful to me as flowers on the mountains; God composes, why shouldn’t we? ~Terri Guillemets

It begins in the heart. Your heart speaks volumes, drowning out your fears and allowing you to express how you really feel inside. It’s not easy to describe something that you can’t define, something without parameters or rules. Your feelings can’t be measured or weighed…but it’s been said that:

dreams are temporary so the written word is necessary
life translated eloquently produces something legendary

writing is a passion that requires little action
just an imagination and a desire for reaction

it’s a creative form of reflection, not to mention
it grabs the attention of a few who feel the message

at the end of a ball point pen is where my night’s spent
pretending to make amends for the rules I’ve already bent

rules are meant to be broken, doors are here to be opened
a fool follows their opponent, and is left behind by the moment

a sacrificial lamb is no different from a scapegoat
a superficial man see’s ­­­­­­­­­­­a difference and mistakes both

reason speaks with an ambiguous tone,
imagine a fire-less home,
an age where scripture was written in stone
before the son rose,
those without light created their own

life’s a boulder that’s got me hunched over
-so low that I can taste the grounds odor

they say beauty’s in the eye of the beholder
but what do you see when your visions bipolar?

things are getting better, but not before they get worse
so I’m writing myself this letter to avoid going in reverse

when you SHIFT forward, you DELETE a part of the past
so I COPY how I’m feeling and PASTE it here in my raps


Driving Me Crazy

A break up is like a broken mirror. It is better to leave it broken than hurt yourself trying to fix it.

she looked at him and asked why he always put on the mask
he was driving too fast and almost crashed causing her to gasp

they were at a fork in the road and he was dropping her off home
“I told you to leave it alone” he groaned, nearly dropping his phone

“but what are you hiding” she persisted, ignoring his tone
“let me focus on driving” he insisted, but she wouldn’t leave it alone

“is it me that your ashamed of? am I doing something wrong?”
her face was starting to flame up as he turned the radio on

“let’s talk about this later” he replied, veering right on her street
“you just want to watch the Lakers” she sighed, “why can’t we speak?”

there was silence for a few moments but soon her mouth re-opened
“i was just hoping that you wouldn’t treat me like your opponent”

“I’m here to help” she said, peering out the window
his mind was somewhere else, high off the ‘indo’

“it’s not that simple” he told her watching her closely
“I’d rather be single than have somebody really know me”

he turned on the wipers as rain started to pour
he did like her but he knew she wanted more

were his friends just jealous that he’d found the right one?
she didn’t seem so reckless and got along great with his mom

“well call me when you’re ready” she said with a nervous laugh
he couldn’t help feeling sad because even saints have a past

“I’ll call you” he lied, knowing she would text the next night
“whatever” she replied, “I shouldn’t hold my breath right?”

he could see she was hurt, and this isn’t what she deserved
tears dripped down her purse, he wiped it off with his shirt

“I know about your past, and all the men that you have seen”
he let the words sink fast, glad that he’d planted the seed

she made no eye contact, as he revealed what he knew
she made no excuses for she knew it was all true

“I can’t change what I’ve been through, and neither can you”
she wanted to believe him, but at that moment she felt used

anger started to build up, and he could sense a shift in attitude
“I think your amazing” he remarked “in no way am I mad at you”

the car was in her driveway, her younger sibling played on the porch
a black cat ran across the pathway and the garage light shone like a torch

she spoke softly saying “please let me out of the car,
you’ve driven me too far from where you currently are”


Dead bird; Broken sky

Doubt sees the obstacles Faith, sees the way. Doubt sees the darkest night, Faith sees the day. Doubt dreads to take a step, Faith soars on high. Doubt questions ‘who believes?’ Faith answers, ‘I.’

“I once saw a dead bird flying through a broken sky”

Listening to Nas, I felt the tears of the clouds begin to dry

The heavens opened their wings and my mind began to fly,

In pursuit of the sun but the light started to burn my eyes

I dropped back to earth and during my descent learned to be free

I stopped feeling hurt and in my defense I yearned to be seen,

I no longer feared the dirt that once prevented me from feeling clean

Transgressions in my past repented as I began realizing my dream

Once quiet and without a voice

I learned to block out the noise

Once an island void of a choice

I learned to lock in my poise

Once nervous when presented with a challenge

I learned acceptance of courage in my own actions

Once perfect when asked if my qualities were average

I learned a lesson of always seeking the law of attraction

So I sought the greatest force fueling the progress of humanity

With my soul and mind in complete unity I asked time for humility

Because patience was new to me –

Ancient legends tell of Kings ruling large communities

Using a language known as love that many fail to speak fluently

I studied old teachings looking for new lessons

I studied new readings searching for an old message

I studied old greetings in hopes of acquiring new brethren

I studied those seeking the same promises of a true heaven

With two rocks and some dry wood I started a fire out at camp

With a lit candle I passed the fire to a lamp,

When the lamp passed on I used light from the moon and stars to dance

When I got a chance I’d gain warmth by clapping and rubbing my hands

The fire was out but my heart burned inside my chest

I began to tire out but my heart didn’t burn any less

I released my soul and my body felt like it was undressed

Naked in the wilderness, I told God I was ready to confess

I told Him “I once saw a broken sky, where a dead bird flew

I now know I was that bird, and the sky was my Faith in you”

I didn’t need a response…but God answered anyway

“I will always be in the sky, ready for you to fly everyday”


Through Her Eyes

Waru & Mura in Sweden; Summer 2008

I see from her view, a brother with passion who’s tattooed –
Faith on his chest and all of a sudden his thoughts are brand new
I demand that you become greater than anything I do
I had a dream about Waru, she spoke in RHYME TOO

“From a far, what I thought he was doing was wrong
But I was scared to say anything, never knew him to be wrong
He’d been my big bro forever, failure to him came never
He always worked hard, always tried to get better
So when I saw him light a blunt, I kept it to myself
Couldn’t express my disappointment, or the sadness that I felt
I wanted to melt, disappear with the smoke
But he just kept laughing, marijuana made his whole life a joke
He’d get happy when sad, he’d always smile when he toked
so i kept it on mute, watched him slowly erode
–It started that winter, ball was going bad
He was losing focus in class, and this girl was driving him mad
He started drinking heavy, then he started getting mad
Wouldn’t talk to mom; refused to speak to dad
He got in his own Lil world, where he trusted no one
His heart became froze, it became a cold love
But through the tears and anguish, he remained a soldier
Always broke down, but I was there to hold ya
And I love you, you’re my only brother
And if I ever lost you, I couldn’t replace u with another”

This is what she wanted to say, I could see it in her eyes
I’m not perfect, you can see through my disguise
No one is indestructible, even the greatest empire fell
So when i fell, I’m glad u didn’t fall as well
You’re the future, the innocence amidst this sin
You’re promised nothing but success, you got that desire to win
And you get it from me, but I get a lot from you
But I wouldn’t get anything, if I ever lost you

So stay close in my life, don’t stray too far
Don’t break away from my universe,

As you rise among the stars


Rhyme Therapy

I used to be a master of always denying
Until I locked myself inside the car and started driving
Deciding “tonight, I’m digging deep like I’m mining
And attending therapy” – where I’m NOW just arriving 

Hi, my name is Mura and I’m..addicted to rhyming


It sounds like a choir when they’re all replying

“We’re your emotional guidance, we’ll all be advising
Addiction can seem like a giant, we applaud you for trying,
Remember that honesty is always better than lying,
As a new member, we need you strictly complying
First give us all the pens you’ve been buying
Then tell us how it feels when you’re rhyming” 

Well the last time I rhymed, I got so worked up in my mind
I used margins as a guide and STILL wrote outside the lines

“Admitting it is a good sign – now leave nothing to hide
Tell us about your worst lines, and please take your time”

I was listening to hip hop and wrote until my wrist popped
I got hung up on a line like the victim of a lynch mob
My eyes criss crossed and my stomach flip flopped
I started to binge on words until my lips locked

I felt a buzz stronger than drugs
An hour went by and I still felt the rush
Wrote with a blue pen I’d stashed under the rug
Until the paper looked like it’d been hit by a flood

I bought a journal to map out a recovery course
Trying to find my way out of feeling remorse
But the ink and the pen became my support
The source of my life like an umbilical cord

I’ve heard of no remedy
Though I’ve been reading steadily
Rhyming a story feels (Heavenly)
And more potent than Hennessey

I never thought my enemy
Would be words in a melody
Now the doctors sweating me,
Telling me I need rhyme therapy


Poetic Piece

To rhyme is a blessing that was nurtured as an adolescent

Lived each second treating every moment like a refreshment

Hungry for a message, thirsty for a lesson –

Devoured my environment under the guise of reflection

If time is of the essence, to “watch” is my profession

Observe the direction that dreams travel after their inception

Seek inspiration from bleak moments of depression

Speak with no hesitation about these golden intentions

The sky is a reflection of earth and every dark cloud has a silver lining,

So although it may rain and thunder sit back and appreciate the lightning

People may have their vices and demons that they’re internally fighting

But how exciting, to witness the emergence of a star under proper lighting?

Can’t judge today, by the previous night’s darkness

Today will always change, the past remains a process

Regardless, fill in Gods outline of your life as an artist

He may be the architect, but you fill in what He’s forgotten

Creativity fuels society so embrace it in abundance

Artistry subdues anxiety, showcase yours without reluctance

Emotion can’t be reproduced, such art can’t be abducted

True genius can’t be reduced, your soul can’t be republished

Paint your life ripe with a variety of colorful talent

A tapestry entwined into the fabric of God’s palette

Produce a product that will surpass the period you’re on the planet

Then watch future generations follow your work – just like you planned it


Kitchen Conversations

A man once told me, “think fast but speak slowly”
I took time to gather my thoughts, and presented them wholly
He seemed lowly, his balding head shining like a trophy
He spoke softly, but guarded his words like a goalie

“Words have power,” he began
My mind ran and sweat outlined my pocketed hands
I thought “why did he remind me of a leader in command?
The way he looks to the way he stands
I’m in the presence of a man
Who understands me better than I can”

“You must harness it” was his command
“But how?” was my demand

He inhaled deeply, without taking in air
Rubbed his head gently, disturbing none of the hair
He cracked his knuckles, showing his palms bare
I dared not stare, he asked “why are you scared?”

Scared? The thought had barely crossed my mind
Was he right that it was my fears I was trying to hide?

I shivered inward, now noticing my fear
But before he had said anything, I’d been calm and sincere
But now I was paranoid, were his intentions dear?
Or was I imagining that things had become weird?

“Words can trigger emotions” as he continued with his lesson
He let the words sink in before resurfacing with a message
“Fear is rooted in the deepest part of your essence,
My presence has caused you to question your leverage

There’s nothing about me that makes you afraid
But by thinking too much you’ve twisted your mind up like braids”

“I’m afraid that you’re right,” I complained
“But how can I think different when it’s not how I was trained?”

The elder looked amused, he whistled a tune
Stretched out his legs, moving the furniture to make room
He closed his eyes briefly, his lids wrinkled like prunes
“Think like me for a moment, and I’ll reply like I’m you”

His lips looked dry and thirsty for the fountain of youth
But the tune that he blew could rival the notes of a flute
What was he trying to prove? I remained mute
I tried to speak slowly but my words seemed confused

But then I thought carefully about what he was doing
I said “If I thought like you, you’d become a student
I’d become the teacher, and talking fast would be useless
For how can you learn when my own knowledge isn’t fluent?”

He smiled at my words, his dimples deepened like craters
“Words have power when they rest on your tongue savored
Chew on each letter and enjoy all of the flavors
Your mind is a kitchen that prepares them to be catered

If you cook for too long you risk burning your meal
So microwave your thoughts and serve them with zeal
A thought overcooked isn’t ideal;
It’s how it’s enjoyed that makes it taste real”


The Turtle vs. The Hare

A turtle ages forever by only moving a few acres
Though its destination arrives much later
The small steps in the journey outlast the speed of the hare

Progress feels greater when it’s measured in small layers
Accept instant gratification as a traitor
And prayer as the only direction in which you should stare

Often the slow are seen as weak, missing the glare and flare
But the weak give up fast, the hinges on an old chair
The fast crash hard, speeding beyond care
In isolation, for the crash destroys beyond repair

The rabbit glides towards the finish line unaware
That it’s suffered a ligament tear
The tortoise that slowly progressed from the rear
Now moves faster than the hare on a rocking chair

The hare shoots thoughts of envy and despair
Thoughts sharp as spears in mid air

It saw the finish line but the journey was never prepared
Bought the trophy case and a crown that shame now wears
And felt the competition was nothing to compare

But competition wasn’t the turtle; it was a foe less rare
A foe he saw everyday in the mirror, a foe deemed more fair

The hare had lost, and although it was just by a hair
The rabbit hibernated from reality like a bear
Until the reflection became one he could bare

The reflection used to bounce like the rabbit would
Now it’d count the wrinkles on its injured rabbit foot

Used to sing songs and praise the day for greater fortune
Now thoughts criss crossed asking the night for a greater portion

It once considered becoming the greatest of racers
But losing weakened its blood like the effects of a chaser

The rabbit never thought it’d lose a race
And to a turtle? What mirror wouldn’t break at the sight of its face?

Then magic started to happen,
One night when relaxing,
Trying to find the cold side of the mattress
The turtle came to visit –
Took him 7 weeks to arrive at the address

The hare was caught off guard;
He dared not expose his sadness
Hadn’t ate in so long
How could he admit to an animal so slow, he’d been fasting?
He started rambling,
Anxious that the turtle knew of his post race madness
But the turtle listened before asking…

“Why are you so fast to fall, yet so slow to rise?”
Before he could answer the tortoise had a reply
“Enjoying each step in the journey of life is where the truth lies”
The rabbit understood the plight, but misunderstood the why
Because relearning to crawl was a fight that would teach him to fly


The Past Present Future

“The secret of health for both mind and body is not to mourn for the past, worry about the future, or anticipate troubles, but to live in the present moment wisely and earnestly.” – Buddha

education is a stepping stone towards higher learning
the coal inside a furnace which keeps the fire burning

rising heat makes us urgent to emerge to the surface
we rehearse behind a curtain, trying to emulate whats perfect

but perfection is an illusion that’s rarely a solution
fogs the mind like pollution, reducing improvement

the ego is abusive, once it’s rendered useless
a parasite intruding your mind like a nuisance

an insect that digests your intellect
it leaves a nest full of disrespect
-to infect what you have left of friends

its eggs grow to become contempt
and soon you lose the respect
-for those who’ve treated you best

as you grow older, your life lies between your shoulders
you regain composure, once past transgressions are over

the future is promised to those who harvest their knowledge
those who harness the flow that emits out of the faucet

your past is a carcass,
memories are skeletons in the closet
regret is a graveyard in your apartment,
where spirits lie exhausted

the past has passed away, let it rest in peace
respect the deceased, but live life as you please


Super Star

to be is my purpose, my purpose is to be

i seek what’s worth less, it’s worthless to seek

i need a moment, a moment’s all i need
to be the person, the person i’m meant to be

looking at the stars,
is like looking at your scars
they look smaller then they are,
– and you can’t tell them apart
but they look cool from a far
they’re like a beat to a heart
the flame from a spark
the shot in the dark

a portrait of the arts – practiced by the gods
painted by the spirits, to even our odds

studied by the fearless, to strengthen our bond
with a planet that’s a pebble in the universal pond

its like magic from a wand, you see it and you yawn
that’s just be-cause, you can’t see what’s beyond

a star is energy, of a different pedigree
and due to the jealousy he has many enemies

had a super ego, now he’s supernova
bout to explode, if the hate gets any colder
bout to implode, like a bullet from the holster
bout to erode, call it brushing off his shoulders

think of a song, but don’t think for long
am i wrong to suggest that a star wrote the song?
up high in the sky after smoking a bong
pocket full of money and a mouth full of bronze



my mind is shapeless,
without form – it develops in stages

it’s developed a craving for filling up pages
-with notes about prior engagements

disregard it’s manic arrangement
it rises in elevation from the depths of a basement

my minds always engaged in, never complacent
a grape fighting gravity to avoid being a raisin

thoughts are arranged in mazes
the map is written on pages
from different era’s and ages
leaving no time wasted

words become phrases
phrases become statements
statements become sacred
once actions are weighed in

thoughts are concentrated energy mixed like a recipe
they can be a seed planted on bread like sesame
that grows into a tree of the highest pedigree

actions turn to habits eventually
habits build who your meant to be

your character becomes your destiny
and you must become one with its entity



absorbed into literature, soaked into the text –
i rest in a puddle of words, a river of books, an ocean of knowledge
drenched by letters, drowning in sentences built on nouns and verbs, built on commas, periods, and margins
ideas bridge a story,
it wobbles – threatens to submerge
it topples – threatens to diverge,
into a sea of ideas where a story will emerge
the gentle waves skim the surface, whispering in a gentle tone that the moon is calling them home
the tide gravitates toward the sky, before diving deep into the cold dark ocean
it polishes rocks – until they lie smooth, rocking to the motions –
buried treasure is not hidden, nor does its location appear on a map
it lies between sand snuggled deep undersea like it were taking a nap
buried treasure is not given, it’s found –
enlightenment is not being too proud to look down when treasure appears on the ground
riddled with dirt and mud, the smooth stone weighing a ton appears impossible to learn from
aged by the current, it’s crystals are faded, it’s color is gray but look at the pattern created
look how it glimmers from a far when placed beneath the stars
how it feels to hold onto the first wheel, the first stove, the first roads
rocks are earths bones, broken and separated just searching for a way home



if my heart is an engine, i’m a crazy locomotive
fueled by pent up aggression and a loco motive

an insane street dweller having migraines writing each letter
using a scale to measure how much he gives the bank teller

a perverted , sadistic, dip shit that collects lipstick from every chick with Big TITS
a diabolical, manic, king pin that burns big gifts like everyday was Christmas

i’m on cloud nine9 floating past the sky line
on top of my paper – so call me the by line

a silly, NOTORIOUS , disgusting type of a person
addicted to flirting and a slight bit of cursing

flow wetter then September, so you better remember
i’ve had family members dismembered for touching my chedder

i’m the three dots indicating a pause…
i seek only God to receive an applause
i wear his son on my chest laying a-cross
so you can say i’m real cool with the boss




The past is adored
When the present is detested
The future ignored
When life’s not what you requested


Although things may look down
Seldom is that how they stay
For how long does a seed sleep in the ground?
Before a tree emerges to play


Everyday’s a chore
Patience is tested
Everything’s a bore
Fun a risky investment


Every second is a moment
Where greatness can thrive
Protect it as if it were stolen
And thank God you’re alive


This journey is a tour
The experiences impressive
Opportunities open like doors
When keys fit to perfection


Not every door can be opened
And some are meant to stay shut
But every door you have chosen
Is a chance to find love


Love finds you
And opens those doors
It can even blind you
So you see what you ignored


To attract love requires hope
And quite a bit of luck
Walk around with your heart on a rope
Sprinkle it with your musk


You have to show some faith
In order to lure this sentiment
Wash it with some grace
To tempt love out of its element


This technique is not perfect
And can bait the wrong feelings
What you seek may burn like a hot furnace
Or can chill your soul below freezing


It’s fine to be content
And enjoy what you have
Cause love is a rocket
Quickly running out of gas
Running out of time
As it approaches the sun
Still ringing in your mind
Like the blast from a gun




Between a full time life and a part time job,

Working like it’s a full time gig, cut from that cloth

Son of a boss, humble child of God,

Life’s hard & success is more than a blog,

A nice job, a sports car & avoiding going bald

It’s the type of feeling money has never bought,

An inner warmth that develops in ones heart,

Easy to forget when others have forgot,

That life is a miracle, it’s a puzzle we cant sort,

We stand on a revolving ball of life, living as if rights came without a price

Only life on earth that pay’s rent to live here, the human being refuses to think twice

Change is the enemy, don’t we all fear a shift during our time?

A 2012 myth, or the lie that Y2K exists? Have we all lost our minds?

Or our some in on God’s greatest trick?

To believe in love is His greatest gift,

& His greatest wish is for you to see the greatness in this

To write down a thought is magic and I’m a witness,

Created so much art I turned a hobby into a full time business,

A business into a religion,

Never worship the writer it’s the words that deserve recognition


Full Circle

Introspective, making selections based on past rejections,

To become accepted, had to learn to settle for seconds,

Had to put up with pretending that happiness was the exception,

Since my inception I learned that the fool is the one who draws attention,

Frames it on his wall and signs it with an autographed message,

The strong stay silent when success no longer is worth a mention,

A healthy portfolio of residual income fuelled by entrepreneurial intentions,

Grandeur belief in a grounded foundation of blessings,

Undressing my past naked ambition to become aware of these Eden dwellings,

Valour suits, Italian leather with a stack of money that my wallet’s suppressing,

En route to the top watching Brazilian football highlights developing,

Live, seated in a crowd of a million football Einstein’s screaming ‘Pepe, go get em!’

Effortless comfort on a yacht on the Atlantic sipping Rose and Hen’

Images on Instagram, aged wine and some ripe peaches sitting in the den,

Literature on the lap with some Nas looped jamming to the blend,

Imagining the life of my dreams,

A wife, 3 kids and personal victory over the economy,

Not maybe, not probably, but my life WILL turn out awesomely,

Upgraded from economy, sitting in luxury telling my son about the female autonomy,

Wedding ring shining like the smile of my queen, high like we studied astronomy,

Give her the sign and she knows she’s mine, just check our astrology,

Failure’s been dodging me and now I have success hawking me,

Love’s stalking me and fear’s not stopping me,

Living arguably the life that stardom breeds,

Seldom without a smile on because that’s all I need,

To dress for success, now show me to my seat,

Five star resorts, buffet for brunch and early safari’s through the Sahara,

Handkerchief for sweat, matter fact a bandana cause I was raised in that era

Overachiever to compensate for Under believers,

Freedom seeker, avid reader with handsome features,

High rate – in low amounts eater,

Followed up failure to become a leader,

Risk taker, play maker

Star in the making, all thanks to the creator

Intelligent design by an Architect, but we’re the decorators,

33 degree’s and rising like an elevator, moving like escalators,

So that one day I can reminisce about now, later

Elevated as my growth has escalated,

Sipping Fanta in an Escalade, paint job looking marinated,

Forgiving those who hated by categorizing them with girls I dated,

Unworthy of a statement, but my thoughts go out – happy belated,

Bummy and broke, happy we’re not related,

Remy and Coke, success must be celebrated,

Grew up learning from the best and strived to become the greatest,

Mom and Dad didn’t make it, but a family was born from that re-arrangement,

Grew up with dangerous sense of greatness that left people in amazement,

My ego was a grape until depression deflated it into a raisin,

Humbled into better decision making was my undertaking,

There’s no debating that I’ve come full circle to center myself by praying,

Deliberate mantra’s whispered while meditating


Blood of a Slave, Heart of a King

A young boy was asked what left him inspired,

With resistance he spoke like an infant as his eyes burned with fire,

“My desire was instant, once I learned how my people’s history transpired,

I was taught of a struggle manipulated by victorious liars,

Who claimed that their desires were to raise their victims higher”

The boy looked tired, but his words were like songs sung by a choir,

“I studied the path before me and couldn’t recognize the tracks left by the tires,

I was taught a disconnected history that left out all the wires”

He spoke with the pain of an elder, yet his heart pumped the blood of a youngster

“My ancestors built a life that was trashed and left to rot in a dumpster,

They were fed with lies until they forgot the joy of hunger,

Once proud hunters, they became slaves accepting the hell they were placed under”

He stopped for a moment and closed his eyes to impede the tears,

He was thinking about the men and women who were once ruled by fear

He had asked “Why?” for years, but the answers never appeared

He had learned that a great evil had once ruled that made slavery a career

“I question my purpose when a century ago my people lay deserted,

While the world brought down curtains to hide the scars of the shirtless,

The screams of those hurting, the blood of the worthless,

My people were ruled by the devil until their will broke down his circus

Animals replaced by a person,

Hate fueled by greed as racism flourished

Today my heart burns like a furnace asking why when an answer is not certain,

I look for my purpose in a world where my people are synonymous with hurting”

The young boy clenched his jaw as tears blurred what he saw,

For hundreds of years his history was put on pause,

Leading a future made possible cause his people suffered in the name of a Cross,

In the name of a religion polluted by power hungry men claiming to be Gods,

In search of applause by Monarchs concerned with avoiding monetary loss

“They enslaved our minds and forced us to believe we were not equal,

They took our land and forced us to hate our own people,

Shipped us to a new world, destroyed the Natives and adopted the Eagle,

When in reality they were vultures, creatures with hearts overflowing with evil”

The young boy had now become a man, as the story had taken him years to understand,

He looked down at his hands and his dark skin revealed to him a plan,

He started to stand and in front of him he saw the reflection of man,

Who’s history was developed through pain and was written in the sand

It had disappeared with the wind, but not before leaving him inspiration from within

“I used to hate who I represented, because my history was constructed in sin,

I felt the pain of those before me who were forced to fit in,

And I believed their struggle was in vain, but today I know they lived within Him”

In an instant, the young man had grown from an infant

From a confused slave, into a young King who trusted his brilliance,

His instinct was to pray, and he knelt with no resistance,

He smiled as he realized his history was fueled by persistence

“They never gave up because they knew the future was promised

They didn’t know the time it would take for slavery to be abolished,

But they were blessed with Faith in abundance, that shone bright when times were darkest

Now we are a proud people, accomplished, bearing fruit from Eden’s Garden”


Love is composed of a single soul inhabiting two bodies

Love is composed of a single soul inhabiting two bodies – Aristotle

> Book Of Art - Photo posted in Wild videos, news, and other media | Sign in and leave a comment below!

They say love is one soul sharing two bodies,
And jobs are just goals that we’ve turned into hobbies
So I drive on life’s journey in my godly Bugatti
Emitting thought waves with the power of tsunamis

My mind is a jungle, welcome to Jumanji
I flow like a funnel and get high like a bungee
All about my bread, I’m hunting for lunch meat
You ain’t making sense, you sound like a drunk tweet

Filling up your newsfeed, like weed in a loose leaf
Read and get higher than a kick from young Bruce Lee
My greed is like fire, it burns but makes me the cool me
My word is the grinder breaking down these jewel seeds

> Book Of Art - Photo posted in Wild videos, news, and other media | Sign in and leave a comment below!

Read between the lines when you think everything is fine
Watch those you stand beside and never trust those behind

Friends are like crimes that are successful every time
They slowly make you blind and imprison your entire mind
Freedom is the time ya’ll smoking to unwind
Jail are the signs that freedom’s not defined

> Book Of Art - Photo posted in Wild videos, news, and other media | Sign in and leave a comment below!

I felt pressure from my peers for years,
But my channel’s now clear


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